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From personal projects to university assignments, this portfolio features a variety of pieces that I have created to form the roots of a growing collection of visual art.
JAN 2021


For my final year Animated Graphics module at UoS, I decided to take a bold route and create an advert for a product of my own making: a virtual business card aimed at creatives and young professionals. The video was heavily inspired by the famous Apple-style product ads, featuring original renders of the prototype I created in Fusion 360 and animated in After Effects with Element 3D. This was my first time taking on an animation project of this size and nature, facing countless challenges through the ever-changing restrictions caused by COVID-19.

Nov 2020


At the request of a close friend of mine, a talented TV/Radio student, Tobias Peever, it was my challenge to create an opening sequence for a concept TV show called Double Tap. The brief stemmed from an initial mood board and logo sketch, centred around the theme of social media. Using a stylish colour scheme and topical iconography, I developed these ideas to create a fun brand identity with features instantly recognisable to the young target audience.
Tight deadlines, caused by COVID-19, meant that the final ident (below) had to be entirely animated. It is far from being a flawless finished product. Yet, I managed to complete the logo development and entire 3D animation sequence with the time restrictions and limited resources in just one night.

Aug 2020


In collaboration with talented sound engineer, Karl Lewis (aka OST), Curiosity was the second product released to my digital asset store. A combination of visual and sound FX, the pack was a huge step up from Electric Liquid Love, and featured an immense library of over 65GB worth of digital downloads. The assets were delivered in multiple formats to assist filmmakers in their workflow from 1080p H.265 all the way up to Ultra HD encoded in detail-rich ProRes4444 with alpha channel to enable pixel opacity.
The trailer is just a taster of what the pack and several months of intense collaborative creation offered.

May 2020


Throughout the isolated summer of 2020, an entrepreneurial desire to turn my visual effects skills into money drove me to start my own e-commerce store. After only a number of weeks, I had my first collection of digital assets ready to take to market, and JUNO A/V (audio/visual) was launched. Electric Liquid Love became the first product of a line of digitally-inspired motion packs available to filmmakers which included stylish glitch overlays, eye-catching pixel distortions and creative stimulus-based visuals. The website (, the first digital product, and an entire social media advertising campaign was drawn up and launched within two months from initial conception.

Mar 2020


Established by myself and a close friend of mine (Cian Fawcett), 'a genre-fusing, boundary-bending initiative to empower creatives and bring people and cultures together', Eclypse Project is the bridge between art forms through real human connection. In the run-up to the launch of our first live event, COVID-19 shifted everything, with the entire live event industry closing its doors to ventures like ours. Our response to the quickly-evolving situation saw the production of a user-generated content campaign: #CreatedInQuarantine, encouraging creatives from all artistic backgrounds to create and connect through an anonymous virtual exhibition. Just days before the UK's inevitable lockdown, we shot, edited and released our advert and creative campaign in less than 24 hours – shot on the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro with a selection of Sigma Art Series lenses.

Jan 2019


The first episode of a new, inspiring series of interviews with young creatives who are looking to make a mark on their industry. Beginning as a quick sketch for a university assessment, ‘Through the Lens’ has quickly become less of a 'spur-of-the-moment' idea and more of an ambition, to go behind the scenes showcasing talented individuals and create a community of idea-sharing, advice-spreading, like-minded people. The first video documents a short insight into Cheshire-born photographer, Lily Lofthouse, as she embarks on her university journey and takes a look back at her past and reveals the inspiration behind her work.