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Freelance Creative Designer

Liverpool-based Motion Designer & Visual Branding Expert.

Creating Engaging, Memorable visuals for TV, Digital & Media Brands.

I am a Liverpool-based, freelance designer specialising in branding and digital identity with a diverse audio-visual skillset.

Recent Work

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Uncover our latest motion design, video production, and visual branding projects. Fusing creativity and technique, we transform clients' visions into memorable experiences that captivate audiences and elevate their brand presence in the digital realm.

I am a motion designer specialising in creative branding & visual identity.

Blending a rich background in live performance with a solid educational foundation in sound and video technology, I am a 23-year-old digital media artist and budding entrepreneur passionate about experimental media and cutting-edge technologies. Currently, I am developing an online asset store for video creators and enthusiasts called The Good Edit Club™, catering to a diverse range of creative needs.

My work has been used by creative agencies and freelancers worldwide, contributing to projects featuring renowned artists such as David Guetta, Joel Corry, Nile Rodgers, and SG Lewis. In my previous role as Creative Lead for an edu-tech start-up, I gained invaluable experience in social media advertising, digital product development, and brand identity.

My unique visual palette is influenced by my affinity for innovation, resulting in captivating and distinctive content that stands out. As I continue to hone my craft, I am excited to collaborate with like-minded creatives, push boundaries, and redefine the possibilities of digital media production.
This is just the beginning, the potential uses for Inform are limited only by your imagination.

Take a look at some of the services I offer.

Motion Design
Crafting visually stunning and engaging motion experiences, I specialise in creating cutting-edge ad campaigns, motion graphics, and animations for a diverse range of applications.
Emphasising the power of moving image, my branding approach aims to create compelling and memorable brand experiences. With a keen eye for modern aesthetics and a passion for storytelling, I craft distinctive visual narratives that resonate with your target audience and set your brand apart from the competition.
Video Production
As a video production specialist, I offer end-to-end solutions, from pre-production planning to post-production editing, ensuring high-quality visual material at broadcast standard.


Check out my previous projects to get inspired. Already have an idea in mind? Want to hire me? Request my CV here.
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